Drip coffee makers are the most common type of coffee machines around, and this can be attributed to the speed and convenience they offer. The coffee makers work by pouring water over roasted, ground coffee beans, usually on a filter, and as the waters soak through the ground coffee, it absorbs oils and essences and passes to the bottom of the filter where it is eventually collected in a vessel. The purpose of this guide is to inform the coffee lovers so as to make the decisions. The market has both manual and automatic drip coffee makers, but currently, the automatic models are more popular.


Manual drip coffee maker

Manual drip coffee makers offer users more control over the brewing process while automatic features make the barbrewing task easy and allow users to multi-task. Automatic drip coffee makers can brew more than one cup at once although single serve functions may also be included.

Usually, they can brew 4 to 20 cups of coffee, making them ideal for more than one drinker. But generally, both manual and automatic drip coffee makers are easy to use.

Right model

Provided you have a good model which can heat the water to the right temperature before it hits the ground coffee, drip coffee makers can make good tasting coffee. It takes around 4 minutes for a drip machine to prepare coffee, which is why it so common. Many models will grind coffee to a fine or medium texture. Cleaning the machine is also easy especially when a disposable filter is used.


However, hardcore coffee drinkers that value the aroma, body and flavor of their coffee, find the drip coffee makers to be inadequate. This is because they do not allow you to control the heat of the water thus making it unnecessary to invest in quality coffee beans. Additionally, most parts of drip coffee makers are made from plastic which may affect the final taste of your beverage.


SetbacksAnother disadvantage is that the coffee tastes different an hour or so after it’s made since the hotplate that is meant to keep it hot, instead “cooks’’ it. But to solve this, you can buy a brewer with a reliable thermal carafe that does away with the need for a hotplate. And as for the plastic taste and smell, consider getting a brewer made from high-quality materials that do not smell or taste in your coffee.

It would be proper to conclude that a drip coffee maker is best suited for places with high traffic of drinkers or by people that just need to take caffeine into their system and do not mind about quality coffee parameters.