The world has discovered the immense medicinal value attained from using Kratom. Kratom has mostly been applied as a painkiller or as an opiate supplement however it has far much reaching medicinal effects. Interestingly, Kratom has a large collection of strains some of which have positive and others negative impact to the body.



This strain is considered the most characteristic stimulating strain of Kratom. The Thai strain contains high levels of mitragynine that provides high energy effects to the user’s body. Additionally, the most stimulating varieties of the Thai strain are the white vein and the green vein. However, the red vein variety is considered to have a less stimulating effect, but high pain relief potential and is credited for great “clean” energy.

Maeng Da

The popularity of the Maeng Da Kratom strain exceeds the others with the solid justification being that they effectively provide both energy and pain relief simultaneously. However, depending on the concentrations of the strain the balance between stimulation and pain relief varies considerably.


The Vietnam strains of Kratom are new additions into the fold and are becoming popular among Kratom users. Vietnam strains exhibit similar characteristics as the Maeng Da and exhibit power in sedation and stimulation. However, they tend to be more stimulating and provide more clear mental energy.

White Vein Strains

The White Vein strains of Kratom are characterized by high energy but less painkilling effect. The white vein Borneo which has very strong sedative effects belongs to this category of stimulants. However, care should be applied as they do not auger well with everyone.


Bali strain is regarded as one of the most relaxing strain of Kratom. The strain greatly relieves stress fast as well as releases mental anxiety and worry while at the same time relaxing muscles. It effectively relieves pain giving the body a soothing effect and extra excellent sleep levels.


This Kratom strain is credited for its powerful relaxing effects and energy. It reliefs pains incredibly and provides sufficient energy levels to undertake daily tasks. Both white and green Borneo is regarded to have potent stimulating effects and are regarded to provide high “clean” energy that enables the brain to focus and attain high levels of relaxation.



The origin of Indo strains is Indonesia. This strain is referred to as the most “social” strain. It stimulates high natural energy and increases confidence by dissolving anxiety. Interestingly, the Indo strain provides a wide range of Kratom effects and is considered to have the longest lasting effects above all other Kratom strains.