At one time in our lives, we need to use a hotel room either during a vacation or a business trip. An experience booking manager of Shangri la Tanjung Aru says that last minute booking can be disappointing as one can get the last option rooms or even miss a room at a convenient hotel. Too many times, a guest arrives at the reception only to be told that the hotel if full. So to avoid all these stress travel experts recommend the following to ensure that you get the best room of your choice

How to book a hotel room

Book early

Early booking increases a chance of getting a good room by a high percentage. One can be able even to choose a preference for the room in terms of orientation like sea facing, garden facing or any other preferred room. This is because many rooms are still empty. People who are traveling for a vacation especially with kids needs to book early so that they can secure one of the too often limited family room with interconnecting doors.


Make a booking fee

Most hotels will require clients to make a booking fee that has some cancellation policies. Once paid, then it means that the room can not be resold to any other client unless you give a cancellation note. In most cases, hotels that have these policies are well established as they deal with serious customers. They will also not take over bookings to avoid “walking’’ their valued clients.

Book through an agent

Booking agents have special relationships with various hotels and will have block bookings for their customers. So it is not possible to get disappointed while using this channels. In cases where an individual hotel of you preference cannot offer your accommodation needs, travel agents will be there to make quick and seamless arrangements for alternatives. The alternatives are so convenient that one cannot notice much difference.


Book through booking engines

Various hotel booking engines are available online for use. Hotels have embraced these ideas in a great way as most customers are always online. The beauty about such booking services is that they will not take you around the bush. The thing to do is to check the availability of preferred rooms, and if not available, then the cannot accept the booking. However, they will recommend other hotels of similar search parameters in terms or room rates features and location.