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Selecting the best car vacuum cleaners

cartoon figure of a vacuum cleaner

The process to select the best car vacuum cleaners is a bit complicated. As we know, the world of vacuum cleaners is short. There are a variety of models one can select from. However, not all vacuums are suitable for car cleaning. Remember the home vacuum cleaners are too bulky and hardly fits in vehicles which have an upright handle to do a very thorough job. Vacuum manufacturers have over years designed series of vacuum which is designed for use in cars.

The best car vacuum cleaners

Some of the best vacuum cleaners to choose from include;

1. Eureka 71B

hgshgsu76shsThis is one of the best and leading vacuum cars cleaner. It is a handheld cleaner. It is also affordable as it costs less than $ 50 if one purchases off the internet. It boosts top rating in the industry. It has found favors with thousands of car owners. The model uses suction technology. The lightweight of the design makes it handy when one is doing the detailed job on his or her vehicle. An individual can count on this Eureka 71B to do car upholstery. The Eureka is mainly praised due to its durability. Many owners have reported having the vacuum for two years in perfect condition and working order. The vacuum has some turning brushes underneath; this help in doing a thorough job on the floor of the car.

Eureka 71B does not have a steam cleaner. It picks up dirt particles by using suction technology. Steaming can be great as it assists car owner in removing stubborn stains on the upholstery. As the Eureka 71B stands, one will be required to get down and scrub off any stain encountered. Nevertheless, Eureka 71B is still one of the best vacuum cleaners on the market today.

2. Black and Decker PAV1200W

hgshgsa76ashsaThis is another great handheld vacuum cleaner that can be compared to Eureka 71B. It has top ratings and plays 2nd fiddle to the Eureka. It is commented on its better design as compared to Eureka. The black and decker are therefore much more attractive. Anybody who likes appliances look is going to be appeased by this version. The vacuum has a protruding nozzle which appears to offer a user significant advantage as compared to Eureka 71B while one reaches the car under the seat.

The black and decker are selling online for less than $ 45. Ultimately between the two, the buyer has to select the best car vacuum cleaners. The decision made should be solid. For now, it is recommendable that best car vacuum cleaner is the Eureka 71B.…

Reliable Tips to Use when Choosing the Best-Hid Kits

black SUV

Majority of car owners are installing the best hid kits in their cars for better lighting at night. These lights produce high-intensity light and low power consumption. Most of the latest cars come with these lights while those that have been on the road for a few years use traditional lights.

Choosing the right hid kits to purchase depends on the conditions that the car will be driven in as well as your expectations. Since hid lights produce intense lighting, they make driving in dark and poorly lit areas to be fun and less problematic. Here are a few considerations to make when choosing these kits:


lightThe temperature of a hid light determines the light’s intensity. Hid lights with a high temperature have highly intensive lights. The ideal temperature to settle for is determined by your driving needs. For instance, if you are planning to be driving in mist and foggy roads, then lights with low temperatures are the best choice.

The highest temperature that any driver should consider buying their cars is 60000K. In some countries and states, hid lights with temperatures higher than this are illegal and may land you in trouble with the law. Excessively high-temperature lights are known to cause a blinding effect on other drivers.


The wattage of the kits also affects the brightness of the lights. These lights come in two wattages: 35 and 55 watts. Bulbs with high wattages shine brighter and produce a more intense light than those with low wattages. The 35-watt bulbs have a lifespan of 5000 hours, and as such, they may never need replacement throughout the time you will have them in your car. It is necessary to be careful when using the hid lights as they tend to melt when put in the wrong housing.


Lumens is simply the brightness of the headlights. Lumens works inversely to temperature. As such, hid bulbs with a high temperature have low lumens. Just like the other aspects about these bulbs, it is advisable that you choose the bulb with the right lumens to count depending on the intended area of use of the lights, environment and weather patterns of where you will be using the car.

Ballast and beam

carHid kits that come with ballast are often cheaper but age faster than those without. Ballast supplies the 20K volts needed for turning on the lights. As such, if you have a limited budget, you can consider buying hid kits that have ballast as this will save you a few dollars that can be spent on other things in the car. There are two types of beams; single and dual beams. For people whose cars have a dual beam, Bi-Xenon bulbs are the best choice for them since they can be used with dual beams.

It is worth noting that the best-hid kits are sold as a package that includes the wiring, HID bulbs, ballasts and manual. As such, you can install these kits onto the car by yourself thus saving you the cost of hiring a technician to fix them for you. Always ensure that you only purchase the best brands as they are durable and reliable throughout their life.…