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Advantages Of Taking a Bus From Penang To Melaka

blue Hino bus

Penang and Melaka are two beautiful cities with many historical sites that are admired all over the world. The most convenient means of transport between these cities is taking a bus from Penang to Melaka. The distance between these two great cities is five hundred and ten kilometers which are equivalent to three hundred and fifteen miles a distance that is covered in six hours.

Taking a bus from Penang to Melaka

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There are online bus booking services available to all passengers traveling by bus from Penang to Melaka. This is an advantage because it saves time that would have been spent to visit the booking offices and do a booking, as well as the time spent on booking Easybook, an online booking service provider, makes it possible for travelers to book a bus at the convenient of their home thus get enough time to prepare for the journey.

Affordable and Discounted prices

Many bus operators who work with the easy book have the interests of their customers at heart and therefore offer affordable prices. Additionally, most of this prices come with discounts that enable the travelers to save an extra coin. The availability of the online service such as easiPoints makes it easy for passengers to access this discounted bus fares.

Diverse methods of payment

Another advantage of traveling by bus from Penang to Melaka the diverse methods of payment that are available online as well as in the booking offices. These methods include internet banking, master card as well as visa card. Easybook accepts payment from some banks that are available online.

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Easybook has over one hundred and fifty bus operators from which a passenger can choose from. This ensures that the travel standards are maintained at the highest levels, and passengers can choose the most convenient for them. Also, time is never wasted waiting for buses as they are always available as required.

Additional services

At easybook, the price charged comes with additional services such refreshments. Additional information on the names of bus terminals, nearby hotels and other places of convenience are also communicated to the clients making it easy and more enjoyable to travel.

There are many advantages of taking a bus from Penang to Melaka when one uses easybook to reserve a bus seat. Passengers can save time as well as travel in first class coaches as there is a chance to choose from the numerous buses available.

Also, the prices charged are affordable and come with discounts. Easybook provides information about bus terminal and places of convenience to all their customers without extra charges.…