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What to Consider When Buying Security Workwear

workwear for security guards

There is a need to boost your security team’s authority and comfort. Thus, you should keep the following factors in mind when choosing security workwear for the team.

Clearly Identifiable

You should note that your security team ought to be easily and clearly identifiable at all times. It may be an emergency such as a fire evacuation event, or to deter intruders from getting access to your home. You have to ensure their uniform stands out and every person can identify your security team. Also, there is a need to differentiate your security team from other employees. Thus, they should have a unique uniform.


security guard workwearWhen choosing workwear items and security uniforms, you should think about the demands of your security team and their responsibilities. For instance, they will spend a considerable amount of time indoors behind a desk monitoring CCTV. Also, they will spend some time outdoors conducting patrols, especially at night. Therefore, you should choose items that are ideal for patrolling outdoors during mixed and warm weather.

Fit for Purpose

You need to ensure you choose security workwear that fit the purpose. This is not only about comfort only, but also in terms of lifespan and quality of items. It is a good idea to avoid wasting your time and money by buying inferior products. For instance, does your security team that spends a minimal amount of time outdoors need a fully waterproof jacket?


You should look for a manufacturer who has built trust and authority over the years. Also, the security workwear ought to inspire trust in their colleagues and build the authority of your security team. Therefore, they should have strong colors combined with police or military influenced design features. They should also work together to give your security team an image that is trustworthy and authoritative.

Replaceability and Consistency

security guardFor a wide range of reasons such as change of staff, damage, brand change, and loss, you may have to replace your security workwear items. Thus, there is a need to ensure you maintain a consistent appearance even if you replace the items. It is a good idea to choose items that are not likely to be discontinued. You can also choose a natural style that can be mimicked in the future easily.


You should also consider the budget. Remember that the cheapest items do not always work out in the long-run. This is the case when they are put under intense use for an extended period.…