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How to Take Care of Your Industrial Chiller and Improve Efficiency

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Your chiller can last many years as long as you get into the habit of doing preventive maintenance. From an industrial perspective, the preventive maintenance will involve many simple but lengthy processes that you have to prepare for in advance. This article will be giving you the five main steps worth following when you want an efficient chiller. You will end up saving both time used for chilling and the money that would go to the extra energy burned in the process of chilling. Read on to learn about the tips already in use at the most chiller-efficient industrial installations in the country.

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Rely on a daily operations log

The maintenance of a daily operation log helps you to document chiller performance so that you can tell the performance of the unit from a big picture and a detailed perspective. You can compare the data you get daily and the data you got when the performance and design at the setup time were to find out whether there are inefficiencies in the controls or any other part of the chiller. The process of evaluating the data you collect daily will help the chiller operator to know the history of the operating conditions and their effects on chiller performance. The analysis may offer information to act as an advanced warning of the potential problems you will be encountering. Consulting Cary Company or your chiller manufacturer may also be a good point for obtaining a list of recommended data points for your type of equipment.
Keep the tubes clean

The chiller unit has tubes that serve purposes of heat transfer. You must ensure they are clean at all times because the chiller’s performance directly corresponds with its ability to transfer heat. The process starts at the evaporator and condenser tubes. Therefore, keeping them clean will ensure that the chilling process is efficient and the presence of lengthy tubes in large chillers should not be a deterrent to the maintenance efforts. The mechanism for chilling remains the same in all types of chillers. Fouled tubes deteriorate the chiller functionality. You should watch out for algae, sludge, scale, and other contaminants likely to accumulate on the surface, especially on the waterside. Sometimes the water quality can affect the fouling and the type of system may lead to different fouling rates.
Follow manufacturer specifications for maintenance

Most manufacturers will recommend a thorough cleaning of tubes annually for the open system chiller. They also give a general cleaning recommendation for the evaporator which is typically 3 to 4 years after the last clean. However, you must undertake monthly inspections and log the finding to help determine an appropriate cleaning time.

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Use appropriate cleaning methods

The common cleaning methods are mechanical and chemical. The mechanical method is ideal for dealing with mud, algae, sludge and dirt particles materials. You will have to open the water-box covers and brush the tubes and then flush clean water. The chemical cleaning process is for removing scale, and you need to call technicians for water-treatment suppliers to advice you on the proper chemical cleaner to use.…

Services Rendered By Security Firms


Security firms all over the world are highly committed in a consistent security service to protect you and your assets. For more information on red carpet security click on the active link. Services offered by these security companies include:


1. Both unarmed and armed security personnel

kkjjkjkjkjkjkaUnarmed security staff is responsible for close monitoring of property and securing the assigned premises. They are also responsible for overseeing surveillance equipment, inspection of buildings, and the opening of gates/entry points. They prevent losses and damage to properties by reporting irregularities and restraining trespassing. Armed Security Personnel has the license to carry weapons and highly guard valuable goods.

2. Executive protection

Executive Protection is the protection of high-level individuals who may be exposed to threat because of their celebrity status, wealth, the difference in opinion with other persons, employment and also association.
Executive protection may come in the form of a security advisor – a type of bodyguard – who works one on one with a high-level executive. In other cases, executive protection is provided by a team of individuals who work together to identify which managers need security and what the possible threats may be.

3. Undercover investigations and surveillance

This comes up when a client needs additional evidence and information on someone or something of interest.The distinction amongst surveillance and undercover investigation lies in reason, goals, and functions of the investigator.

The motivation behind surveillance is to take on the subject or watch a range and gather perceptions on conduct and exercises. The motivation behind an undercover investigation I to see as well as to make subjects respond to specific practices or activities, or cooperate with a specialist or various topics in a particular way. The goal of surveillance is to gather prove, while the target of an undercover investigation is to uncover and potentially confine the suspect.

4. Parcel delivery services

Parcel delivery is one of the services offered by security firms. Transportation of mails, parcels from one place to the other, which involves door to door delivery.

5. CCTV installation services

CCTV (closed-circuit television) is a TV system in which signals are not freely distributed but rather are checked, primarily for surveillance and security purposes. CCTV depends on the strategic placement of cameras, and observation of the camera’s contribution on screens some place.

6. Mobile patrol services

jhhjhjhjjhhjhjMobile patrol services involve the following; Locking and opening premises, Setting and unsetting alarms, Checking access points, Ensuring the building and facilities are secure. Liaising with maintenance staff and contractors. Out of hours keeps an eye on all business premises. Random patrols to avoid location by activity and revealing issues. Reporting any potential security issues. Reporting on any potential health and safety issues…