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Buying A Flag – Which flag material is good for you?

Having an American flag in your backyard tells a lot about your allegiance to the most prosperous nation in the world. It is also believed that it is the third oldest national flag in the world. As such, when planning to buy us flags, you should make an initiative of purchasing a quality flag. Not all flags are the same. Some characteristics define the quality of a flag.

Factors to keep in mind when shopping for a flag

If you are thinking of buying a flag, most of the considerations revolve flagaround size and the quality of fabric used. The many options make it tough for anyone planning to buy a new flag. Whether you are purchasing a flag for the first time, or whether you have been doing this for some time, you should realize that outdoor flags could be made from different materials. As such, here is a list of those materials and their suitability for use in various applications.


Polyester is held in high regard when looking for outdoor flags. It is durable and offers great fly-ability. This makes it perfect for outdoor environments particularly in areas with severe weather conditions. When it comes to matters aesthetics, it provides a soft look and a vibrant coloration, which is pleasing to the eye.


Like polyester, this is a popular material for outdoor applications in residential areas. It offers a perfect combination of strength and deep colors. Homeowners living in rainy areas prefer nylon considering that they dry quickly. Its light weight property makes it easy to fly even in the lightest breeze.


flag 2This the material is ideally perfect for ceremonial use. From the aesthetics side, it offers bright colors, which are great to the eye. It also offers great wearing quality, which is perfect for excellent value and a neat appearance. Considering that cotton is considerable heavy and is affected by weathers, it is not the best option for outdoor applications

The material used in making a flag primarily determines its suitability for different occasions. Moreover, the choice of one fabric over the other is also influenced by the prevailing weather conditions. When you decide to have a flag on your property, ensure you follow strict guidelines on how you should fly your flag to avoid falling on the wrong side of the law.…